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Mr. Steve

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Coach Scott Carr

Professor Scott Carr is a black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. He has been studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for over 15 years. As a competitor, he has medaled in many competitions, such as Pan American, No Gi Worlds, American Nationals, North America and is currently still competing along with his team! Professor Scott continues to expand his training with several of the top Black Belt coaches in the community, and has participated in MMA camps, Judo classes, Calvary Chapel wrestling with Coach Jacob Harman, and fought in the cage. He has received his first stripe since becoming a black belt from his professor, Mike Buckles. Professor Scott has an overwhelming and enthusiastic presence on the mats that initiates passion, hard work, focus, and discipline.


Coach Patrick

Coach Patrick started his BJJ career at the age of 16 with Team Giganite. He wrestled for 2 years in high school and eventually made his way to Gracie Barra Costa Mesa, volunteering with the kids program. Now 21, Coach Patrick has become an excellent teacher and started directing the program in early 2017. He is a very open-minded, flexible jiu-jitsu practitioner.

Coach Patrick is a Purple Belt and teaches Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at Gracie Barra Costa Mesa. He is a certified Gracie Barra instructor, and is also First Aid/CPR certified. At Gracie Barra, he teaches the fundamentals of self-defense through Jiu-jitsu.

Class Info

Our students learn discipline, self-confidence, the meaning of hard work, and have fun practicing life saving techniques. An average class consists of a five to ten minute warm-up, followed by Jiu-jitsu techniques and drills for twenty-five to thirty-five minutes. The remaining time will either be various Jiu-jitsu fitness drills, games, or more technique (usually depends on the maturity of the class). Students should wear athletic clothing that will not be revealing if they are upside down. If you plan on taking advantage of a second class per week at our facility in Costa Mesa, we have a discounted uniform price for PCH students only.

*Uniform pricing as a material fee is available through charter funds. Contact Coach Patrick for details.*

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Dan Salas

Dan Salas attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA,

where he completed the guitar program and received his

Journeymen and Professional Certificate. He has been playing

guitar for over 30 years and in addition to playing the guitar

professionally, he works at The School of Worship in Costa Mesa,

CA; teaching guitar, music theory, Logic X, and studio recording. He

teaches beginning group classes to kids from ages 8-14,

and to young adults from ages 17-21. In addition to the

group classes, he is currently teaching private one on one lessons

as well. Teaching has been an integral part of his musical life and he

enjoys seeing his students progress in their ability to master the

guitar as well as their love of music. He believes in teaching in an

engaging manner so that children remain interested and are

inspired to practice. He uses a systematic way of teaching the guitar that makes it easy for anyone to learn. He believes in simplifying the learning process and making sense of it all, so that one can get

down to what’s important… making music!

Class Info

I'm excited to tell you about my guitar program. First off, we will be meeting for 35-45 minutes  per week. during our time together, we will be covering the basic fundamentals of guitar; learning the fretboard, the mechanics, open chords, standard chord progressions, and basic rhythm. At the end of the program, my students will be able to play songs and understand musical concepts.

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Computer building and Programing


Mr. Steve

Class Info

In this class the students will be building and programing their own computers from scratch. By the end of this semester they will know what each part does, how it works and how they can manipulate it to work how they want. They will also lean the difference between servers and which ones do what, along with all computer vocabulary.  They will also have their own computer to take home for future use. 

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Ms. Robyn

Ms. Robyn  has been an educator for several years, teaching various subjects. She loves what she does. Her passion is finding the boring and making it come to life.  Some of the subjects Ms. Robyn has taught include Botany, Astronomy, Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Business Building and Manicuring. This semester, Ms. Robyn will be educating students on a subject that is very near and dear to her!

Class Info

This semester in Cooking Class, we will cover Math by including basic measurements and conversions. Science - what is baking soda really doing??? Geography - where does that dish come from??? This class will also cover knife techniques, slicing and dicing, chopping, sautéing, simmering, and boiling, but most importantly, safety in the kitchen. Your chefs will be bringing home some great recipes to share with the family and also the ability to make a three course meal from start to finish. BUON APPETITO!

-Ms. Robyn

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Ms. Sharon Thayer

Ms. Sharon has made it her mission to teach math for true understanding, but when she started homeschooling her own son, she dove deeper into research and discovered amazing ways to teach students who need a different approach to learning math. She has had great success with her approach. She currently teaches math, PSAT, and SAT classes at a private high school. Prior to that she worked at a private school for students with learning differences. She has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and a California Single Subject Teaching Credential. She also has a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Epidemiology.  Her love for tutoring began in high school, tutoring her friends, and her love for math continued.  She has taught and tutored elementary, middle and high school math. She also worked as an epidemiologist where she was able to use her math skills in the real world.  She is looking forward to getting to know your students and empowering them to reach new levels in their understanding of the world of math.  

Class Info

This math class will be a combination of project based learning and direct math instruction.  Students will create about 3 projects during the 16 week course.  Students will also be provided with direct math instruction based on their unique math level as determined through worksheets and observation. 

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